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The Photography of Peter Kelley

Almost everybody has had the experience of capturing a memory on film. Indeed, many photographers have taken beautiful pictures. But Peter Kelley describes photography as the passion he uses to focus on images which reflect his personality:

  • The contrast of red rainbow bridge rising above desert vegetation.
  • Pictographs depicting powerful awakenings in the human soul.
  • Lightning like a stream of lava lighting a dusky sky.

These photographs express who Peter Kelley is: a man of contrast, spirituality, and intense energy which brings light to illusive images.

Peter Kelley

Starting at age 16, Peter knew he loved the outdoors and photography. He grew up in North Wisconsin, an area of intense beauty, and spent much time enjoying the area's woods, lakes, and mountains. His resulting love for natural beauty, combined with an ability to visualize and compose, led Peter into a self-taught study of photography sprinkled with a few formal photography classes.

Today, Kelley's walls hold captured moments of personal experience. His eye has become critical, his mind focused. "I really know what I want, when I see that happening, my camera shutter is burning."

As Peter's photographic skill developed, so did his sense of self. "I'm a person of contrasts," he states, "I love the contrast of snow covered mountains with desert rocks -- of dark rippled water with colorful autumn foliage..."

Contrast surfaces again when you see a man in love with the outdoors making his living in real estate. "There is accountability and responsibility in my dealings with the environment," says Peter. "Although there is development and growth, and my business depends on such things, I do my part to see that we do things right."

As a man of contrasts, it's natural for Peter to balance his fast paced life in real estate with tranquil forays into landscape photography. When life is too hectic, he sits back and meditates on his photographs, and regains the serenity and peace he experienced while taking the shot. "You can look at my photos and take time to pause and remember our lives pass in a quick second," he states, "What you're seeing was like that a long time before we got here, and hopefully will be like that a long time after -- there is peace in that understanding."

Peter's spirituality is deep and personal. "We're spiritual beings having a human experience," he says. "Most of my photos are not overtly ethereal, but the earth is sacred, and that makes my images inherently spiritual. The only photos I take that are obviously metaphysical are my Anasazi pictograph shots. I'm drawn to the art of the 'ancient ones' because of an obvious spirit, and attempt to convey that in my photos."

Another outdoor activity Peter enjoys is skiing, particularly ski mountaineering. In climbing remote mountains and skiing down them, he feels he can be part of the earth's sacredness, while at the same time leave no trace of having been there. It's a soft way of interacting with nature that goes beyond mere athletics.

In 1989, Peter was pulling weeds by his house, in the dark by light of a miner's headlamp. In the distance, a storm was rolling over Mount Sopris. Racing for his porch, he erected his tripod, quickly mounted his camera, then began opening the shutter as an apocalyptic electrical storm lit the heavens. The result is the flagship of Peter's portfolio: Sopris Lightning. The energy of the lightning bolt, as it pierces an indigo sky and intersects a mountain peak, is like an idea illuminating the landscape of the mind -- or a spiritual experience igniting the soul.

Sopris Lightning

"Everything about Sopris Lightning, and most photography, is about light," says Peter. "When the synergy of subject, light and photographer is caught, the results reflect the artist's passion."

Peter Kelley is a complete human being -- more than the sum of his parts. The force that makes climbers take on the highest mountain is the same energy that electrifies this photographer to click the shutter. His photos are beautiful. They depict his love of contrast, his closeness and respect for our earth, and the intensity of his energy. Peter Kelley's photographs are signatures of his being.


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